Larry Jr.
Boss Larry Jr.
Found In
The Basement
The Cellar
Boss Challenge Room
Challenge Room
Boss Rush
Normal Enemy (Later Floors)
Dropped Items
Boss Pool

Larry Jr. is one of the bosses that appears in The Basement and The Cellar. He is amongst the most common to fight, particularly because he can appear on later floors as an enemy.


Larry Jr. usually spawns as two, but it can occasionally spawn as three little or one big Larry Jr.. One of them can be a Grub.

  • Larry Jr. doesn't have any attacks, per se. Instead he moves around the room in lines, occasionally turning.
    • Larry Jr. will not go out of his way to hurt the player.
    • Though if one is a Grub, it will charge at the player if in its field of vision. Upon death it will leave behind a variety of maggots.
  • His only means of damage is by contact.
  • Can poop which, being an obstacle, can limit the movement of the player.

Champion VersionsEdit

Green: Will occasionally shoot a tear in the direction it's facing, pausing momentarily as it does so.
Blue: Is larger and has more health, but moves more slowly. This version always drops a Soul Heart when defeated.


  • Larry Jr. appeared in the original Binding of Isaac.
  • Larry Jr. is an allusion to Larries' Lament, the name for a group of bosses in Edmund McMillen's game, Super Meat Boy.[1]
    • Not only do they look similar, but smaller Larries came from a dead Larry in the Super Meat Boy credits. This a strong indication that those smaller Larries and Larry Jr. are the same.


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